1.4539 (UNS N08904 – 904L-SS2562)

By using 1.4539 (UNS N08904 – 904L-SS2562) you get a high alloyed, acid-proof stainless steel, developed to resist corrosion in dilute sulphuric acid. The steel is very useful for details in marine environment, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The steel grade 1.4539 ( also called UNS N08904, 904L and SS2562) is a high alloyed austenitic stainless steel with very good corrosion resistance. The steel is developed to resist corrosion in dilute sulphuric acid and it is suitable to use in details placed in severe corrosion environments e.g. sulphuric acid tanks. It is the combination of high contents of chrome, nickel, molybdenium and cupper which gives the steel the good resistance against uniform corrosion. The steel has also good resistance against crevice corrosion, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and intercrystalline corrosion

Typical application areas for 1.4539:

  • Marine environment
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry

Good formability and weldability
1.4539  is weldable but sensitive to hot cracking. Regarding welding it is important to follow special welding instructions from Avesta Welding.  The steel can be both cold- and hot formed, but it can only be hardened by cold working. 1.4539 is difficult to machine and has a tendency towards work hardening. With the right choise of tool and machine data, fully satisfactoring machining results can be obtained with this grade.

We offer steel grade 1.4539 in the following profiles

Steel grade 1.4539 is a available as machined round bar in dimensions 10 – 150 mm.

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Product data sheet 1.4539

If you need further information about the properties of the steel grade, machining and welding:

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