Our standard products

Our standard stainless steel bar products

You find the largest Nordic stock of stainless steel bars at Valbruna Nordic. Our stock standard consists of an amount of different profiles and steel grades in stainless steel bars as e.g. round bars, flat bars, angle bars etc.

We can offer you the widest range of stainless steel bars in the market, with our product range consisting of more than 1000 articles. We have a wide range of different profiles in our stock standard of stainless steel bars and we also offer them in several steel grades.

In our range of stainless steel bars you find:

Ingots, billets, wire rod and wire are also available from our mills.

Our stock standard range of stainless steel bars

In our stock program you can see our dimensions for each steel grade and execution. In the tables you can also see tolerances and weight per meter.

If there is something missing or something you wonder about, please contact us for discussions about your needs.

Weight calculator for stainless steel bars

What is the weight of your order? You can count the total weight for the profiles with our weight calculator by filling in dimension, length and number of bars

Download weight calculator for stainless steel bars (excel) >>