Round bar – machined

Our round bar is easy to machine and is available in an extensive range of steel grades and dimensions suitable to the majority of industries, from the manufacturing industry to the marine environment. Some of the steel grades are specially designed for machining.

With a machined round bar from us, you get a stainless bar well suited for machining and capable to resist tough environment. It has high formability, strength, and corrosion resistance to be able to work in your business area and fulfil your demands. Our round bar exists as details in for instance oil platforms, food industry equipment, and within paper- and pulp industry. Some common application areas for machined round bar are, shafts, pump- and valve details, piston rods, bolts and nuts.

Steel grades for machined round bar

We offer round bars in a wide range of corrosion resistance, heat resistance or creep resistance steel. The steelgrades 1.4307, 1.4404 and 1.4460 are available in MAXIVAL®-execution, which are a series of machinability improved stainless steel for machining.

We offer machined round bars in the following steel grades:

1.4021, 1.40571.44101.44181.43071.43051.44041.45391.45471.48351.4460 and 1.4462.


In our stock program you can see our dimensions for each steel grade and execution. In the tables you can also see tolerances and weight per meter.

If there is something missing or something you wonder about, please contact us for discussions about your needs.

Tolerance table for machined Round bar

We have the following stock standard for machined round bar:

h12/k12 < 250 mm – h13/k13 > 250 mm.

Tolerance table acc. to ISO 286-2: 2010.

Download tolerance table for machined round bar (pdf) >>