With a stainless steel reinforcement bar from us you get a corrosion resistance bar with good strength and a long lifetime. It is suitable for tunnel-, bridge- and building projects in marine environments where carbon steel reinforcement is not sufficient.

Our stainless rebar is developed for use in construction projects with high demands regarding good corrosion resistance, strength and ductility. The bars are designed for use in constructions where common carbon steel is not good enough due to the ingress of chlorides and corrosion attacks, especially in marine environments or where de-icing salts are used. By using a stainless steel rebar from us, you extend the construction life span while minimizing maintenance need.

Our stainless rebar is used in tunnels, bridges, roads and concrete constructions. While the common reinforcement is produced by non-magnetic steel it is suitable for use in constructions where strong magnetic fields may not occur, e.g. airports and hospitals. It is also suitable for use in structures having a design life of over 500 years as e.g. statues.

Steel grades rebar

We offer rebars in stainless corrosion resistance and ”acid proof ” steel. Rebars are registered in the BASTA-system and fulfils the criteria level BASTA. Registration in the BASTA-system means that we can verify that this article/product meets the BASTA-systems criteria. See for more information about the BASTA system criteria’s and the article/products current registration status.

Our rebars are available in the steel grades 1.4307 (T304L),  1.4404 (316L) and 1.4362 (UNS S32304).

Dimensions for rebar

We have rebars in dimensions from 6 mm to 32 mm.

In our stock program you can see our dimensions for each steel grade and execution. In the tables you can also see tolerances and weight per meter.

If there is something missing or something you wonder about, please contact us for discussions about your needs.