Quality & knowledge

Quality and knowledge is not only about material

Our service undertaking is not just about delivering stainless steel. It is, as always, also a question of quality around everything that has to do with delivery i.e. from the first contact until the material has arrived at your premises.

It is also about colleagues feeling responsible for their tasks and for our customers. All of this will be an experience when dealing with Valbruna Nordic. We have a basic Quality- and Environment policy that always guides us. A quotation from that policy that we would like to underline a little extra is:

”Every delivery should in every respect correspond to our promises”

Our aim is to deliver in time and we do not accept any errors on our part in connection with deliveries. We are, of course, also Quality and Environment certified according to: SS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and SS EN ISO 14001: 2015.