Steel grades

We can offer the Nordic widest range of stainless steel bars in different steel grades. You can find martensitic, austenitic and duplex steel grades as well as high-alloyed stainless steels and high-temperature stainless steels.

To choose the correct steel grade is crucial to ensure that you get a stainless steel with an optimum corrosion resistance, machinability and strength suitable for your business. We have good experience of many different branches and that together with our wide range of products and competence enables us to offer you the best choice of steel grade.

Our stock range includes martensitic, austenitic, high-alloy steels, heat resisting steels and duplex steels. Some of our steel grades have improved machinability in MAXIVAL®-execution, which are a series of steels designed for machining.

Martensitic steel grades

Our martensitic steel grades have high strength and good corrosion resistance and are suitable for use as shafts, piston rods and as pump- and valve-parts. They are hardenable and will be delivered in hardened and tempered condition from us.

We have the following martensitic steel grades:

Austenitic steel grades

Our austenitic stainless steel grades have high ductility which gives the steel high formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. They are available as ”acid-proof” and high-alloyed as well as heat resistance and duplex steels and are useful within many areas and branches.

We have the following austenitic steel grades:

High alloy steels

Our austenitic stainless high alloys are ”acid-proof” and suitable for tough environments as oil platforms, sulfuric acid tanks and in bleaching equipment within the paper- and pulp industry.

We have the following high alloy steels:

Heat resistance steels

Our austenitic stainless heat resistance steel has high corrosion resistance to oxidation and is suitable for use in ovens and engineering industry e.g. It is designed for use at temperatures above 550°C.

We have the following heat resistance steel:

Duplex steels

Our stainless duplex steels have good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength and is suitable for environments with high chloride concentrations e.g. constructions in harbors and costal environment. They are weldable and have good formability.

We have the following duplex steels:

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