Our mission

House of Stainless Bar – largest stock of steel bars in the Nordic

The idea behind the ”House of Stainless Bar” concept is to offer the widest range of products in the market with a high level of competence, gathered under one roof.

Our product range covers more than 1000 articles and consequently we are able to offer the market a very good service. We constantly receive evidence that our customer appreciate our above mentioned statements as a reality. Our main customers are located in the Nordic countries.

Some application areas among others are: pump, valve and boat shafting, bolt for propeller blades and piston rods for hydraulic cylinders. As well as the energy sector, food industry, process- and paper industry have found their way to the ”House of Stainless Bar”.

Sales and marketing take place in cooperation with different distributors and agents. In Denmark and Norway we have our own sale channels. In the export markets, where Acciaierie Valbruna has got subsidiaries, we cooperate with them, otherwise we use selected agents.


Several of our steel grades can be supplied in MAXIVAL®* – execution. It is stainless steel, suitable for machining.