1.4835 (UNS S30815 – 253MA®* – SS2368)

By using 1.4835 (UNS S30815 – 253MA®* – SS2368) you get a Stainless High Temperature Steel designed to be used at temperatures over 550°C. It has a good resistance to oxidation and suits to be used as details in ovens, construction and buildings.

The steel grade 1.4835 ( also called UNS S30815, 253MA®* and SS2368) is an austenitic stainless high temperature steel with good resistance to oxidation. The steel has been designed to be used at temperatures over 550°C, the most suitable temperature range is 850-1100°C. The steel suits for production of details with good resistance to temperature corrosion and relatively high strength at elevated temperatures. It also has good creep strength properties. 1.4835 is not magnetic but can be slightly magnetic after cold working or welding.

Typical application areas for 1.4835:

  • Ovens
  • Construction
  • Building
  • As details at high temperature

Good formability and weldability
1.4835 has a good weldability and can be welded with shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, plasma arc welding and submerged-arc welding. You shall use low heat input and use filler metals of type  EN 1.4835 when you weld. The steel can be both cold and hot formed but it can only be hardened by  cold working. The steel has high hardness and at machining you need to follow cutting recommendations.

We offer steel grade 1.4835 in the following profiles

Steel grade1.4835 is a available as machined round bar in dimensions 6 – 200 mm..

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Product data sheet 1.4835

If you need further information about the properties of the steel grade, machining and welding:

Download product datasheet 1.4835 (UNS S30815 – 253MA®* – SS2368) (pdf) >>

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