About us

Valbruna Nordic – well known in the steel market

If you use stainless steel bars in your production, you most probably have come across us. Valbruna Nordic is actually the biggest supplier of stainless bar in the Nordic market.

Our product range offers you: round bar (in different executions) – flat bar – square bar – angle bar – hexagon bar – and rebar (reinforcement bar). Ingots, billets, wire rod and wire are also available from our mills.

The production is located at our parent company Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.A. in Italy, with mills in Vicenza, Bolzano and Fort Wayne in the U.S. These are mills with high technological level, full integrated from stainless scrap to finished product: steel works – electric arc furnace – AOD converters – continuous casting of billets/blooms as well as traditional ingot casting – ESR/VAR plants – rolling mills – forging presses and all other modern equipment required for an efficient and high class production.

Our main office, with integrated warehouse, is located in Karlstad, Sweden. From there we serve all markets swiftly and efficiently. Correct deliveries are essential to our customer.