1.4418 (165M – SS2387)

By using 1.4418 (165M – SS2387)  you get a high tensile strength stainless steel with good weldability. It is designed for use in slightly corrosive environments. Some typical application areas are water turbine parts, propeller shafting, shafting, piston rods and equipment for hydro power stations.

Steel grade 1.4418 (also called 165M and SS2387) is a high strength stainless steel with high strength , toughness and  very good fatigue resistance. It has good weldability and the strength and toughness are maintained after welding. The steel has better corrosion properties than most of the martensitic stainless steels and is suiteable for production of details for slightly corrosive environments. 1.4418 appears to its best advantage in slightly to moderately corrosive environments like organic acids, some inorganic acids and salt solutions but it should not be used in non agitated seawater without a cathodic protection.

Some typical application areas for 1.4418 are:

  • Processing vessels and equipment for thermo mechanical pulp industry
  • Equipment for hydro power stations
  • Mixer and stirrer production
  • Water turbine parts
  • Propeller shafting
  • Shafting
  • Bolts
  • Shear pins
  • Piston rods

Good weldability
1.4418 is possible to weld and shall be welded with welding consumables similar to that of the parent one. Preheating and heat treatment after welding is normally not necessary, except for heavy structures. Hot forming is possible. Heat treatment condition for 1.4418 is  QT 900.

The steelworks has certificate as an approved material supplier of this steel grade from ABS, BV, DNV, GL, Lloyd’s and RINA.

We offer steel grade 1.4418 in the following profiles

Steel grade 1.4418 is available as machined round bar, ground round bar and hard chromed round bar. It is available in dimensions 12 – 460 mm depending on profile and execution.

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Product data sheet 1.4418

If you need further information about the properties of the steel grade, machining and welding:

Download product datasheet 1.4418 (165M – SS2387) (pdf) >>

Download product datasheet 1.4418 (165M – SS2387) chromed bar (pdf) >>